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ISA Montreal 2023

ISA Convention Montreal, March 18, 2023

Roundtable discussion: The Globalized Right

Chair: Rebecca Adler-Nissen (University of Copenhagen); Discussants: Robert Vitalis (University of Pennsylvania) and Daniel Nexon (Georgetown University) — big thanks to all of you.

Participants/presenters: Rita Abrahamsen (University of Ottawa), Jean-Francois Drolet (Queen Mary University London), Alexandra Gheciu (University of Ottawa), Karin Narita (Queen Mary, University of London), Srdjan Vucetic (University of Ottawa) and Michael C. Williams (University of Ottawa)

The rise of radical conservative political movements is one of the most striking developments in global politics today. Across the globe variations of autocratic and illiberal discourse have built support and frequently succeeded in transforming the wider political landscape and structure of political debate. This roundtable focuses on radical conservatism’s international, foreign policy agenda and its potential impact for world order, with special attention to the following five questions: 1) What are the key conceptual lenses through which today’s radical conservative intellectuals, movements and parties view foreign policy and international order? 2) What historical lineages inform these views, and how are they articulated in contemporary political discourses? 3) What visions of a future international order do far Right actors advocate, and how do they challenge – both analytically and rhetorically – the ‘liberal’ international order? 4) To what degree have far Right ideas become ‘globalized’? And 5) How, and to what extent, have radical conservative movements and parties built international networks, and what are the effects of such networks globally and in specific national and multilateral settings?