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About The Global Right Research Project

The rise of radical conservative political movements is one of the most striking developments in global politics. The project investigates the global rise of radical conservative political movements. From Asia to Africa, and from Eastern Europe’s ‘new democracies’ to the Nordic social democracies, not to mention Russia and the United States, variations of autocratic and illiberal discourse have built support and frequently succeeded in transforming the wider political landscape and structure of political debate. These developments mark more than shifts in electoral politics. Above all, they represent a potentially momentous disruption of the liberal international order, whose regimes of human rights norms, free trade, alliance relations, and climate policies are increasingly subject to contestation.

Global Right focuses on radical conservatism’s international, foreign policy agenda and its potential impact for world order. To this end, the project addresses the following key research questions:

  • What are the key conceptual lenses through which today’s radical conservative intellectuals, movements and parties view foreign policy and international order? What historical lineages inform these views, and how are they articulated in contemporary political discourses?
  • Global Right examines the historical lineages of these political movement and analyzes their foreign policy agendas and potential impact on the liberal international order. What visions of a future international order do far Right actors advocate, and how do they challenge – both analytically and rhetorically – the existing liberal international order?
  • What impact have radical conservative movements had on foreign policy discourses in different countries?
  • To what degree have far Right ideas become ‘globalized’? How, and to what extent, have radical conservative movements and parties built international networks, and what are the effects of such networks globally and in specific national and multilateral settings?


Global Right is linked in research partnerships with the World Order Research Program at uOttawa’s Center for International Policy Studies, the World of the Right project at the Danish Institute of International Studies and with Dr Jean-François Drolet in the School of Political Studies, Queen Mary – University of London.

Global Right is supported by  Social Sciences Research Council of Canada grant number 147311.